Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

CASL, which was created in 2014, applies to all online messages, including e-messages, which include social media messages, texts, and emails, sent to both individuals and businesses. To safeguard Canadians from online dangers like spam, malware, computer viruses, and phishing, the legislation went into effect! Before sending commercial electronic messages (CEM), businesses must first obtain consent from recipients. Any message that encourages participation in a commercial activity is considered CEM, according to CASL. This includes information about events, promotions, offers, business opportunities, and advertisements.

Who needs to comply with CASL?

This must be taken into consideration by any business or organization sending commercial electronic messages to Canadians. You can isolate your Canadian subscribers and ensure that your communications pass CASL if you are able to segment your email lists so that each subscriber has their own category.

You can also simply adhere to the same guidelines for each of your CEMs and opt-in procedures, which amounts to nothing more than ethical guidelines for email marketing. Even though anti-spam laws may be less stringent in other nations, the frustration of receiving unwanted communications may be the same there.

Following CASL:

We keep both digital and paper copies of events and business cards as evidence of express and implied consent. We keep records of how consent was obtained. We have the information to incorporate these strategies into our procedures and policies. Unsubscribes and their subsequent actions are recorded in a clear digital record.

  • We provide an opt-in box in every communication to ensure that the recipient wishes to receive CEMs.
  • Martekintel makes it clear to each recipient why consent is needed.
  • Martekintel provides the individual or business seeking consent with all necessary information.
  • Martekintel provides contact information and all necessary information in each CEM.
  • Martekintel provides recipients with the option to unsubscribe in each CEM. They will be unsubscribed immediately and will not receive any further communications if they do so.

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