Internet and Network Insights: Delivering a Superior Digital Experience

Digital transformation efforts and the COVID-19 pandemic have heightened the need for today’s
enterprise network infrastructure to be more resilient to problems and threats, more ready for new
technologies and applications, and more responsive to onrushing business and user demands.
Complete end-to-end visibility across all the service and system dependencies that impact user
experience is vital for success. Unfortunately, with more connections, users, devices, and policies,
across SaaS, on premises, and cloud services to monitor and manage, the end-to-end (core-to-client)
service delivery chain presents a highly complex environment to view, analyze, and operate. Combine
this complexity with the rising criticality of networks, and IT organizations are faced with a daunting
challenge to deliver the service levels, user experience, and business outcomes that are required for
overall success.
Fortunately, digital experience management solutions are advancing to provide for more complete
visibility into extended network operating conditions, correlated to the application itself, to enable more
precise control of how end-user experiences (i.e., workers, partners, and customers) are determined
and delivered. These advancements come at the right time given that the digital era requires not only
greater stability but also more predictability from IT solutions encompassing networking, computing,
data processing, and business applications

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